As Valentine’s Day nears and roses, flowers and chocolates fill up our homes, we must not lose sight that Valentine’s Day is ultimately about showing people how much we care.

This February, in addition to handing out Valentine’s Day cards, let’s remind students about the many other ways we can show kindness and empathy. If you’re looking for Valentine’s Day ideas and activities to do with your students, try this quick and easy Empathy Sketch!

Empathy Sketch

  1. Begin by pairing students together, and ask them to take turns sharing moments when they’ve experienced unkindness.
  2. Ask each student pair to pay close attention to what their partnering is sharing.
  3. Have each student sketch the answers of their partner by re-creating and filling out the image below. Ask them to list all the things they heard their partner: say (mouth), hear (ears), see (eyes), do (feet), feel (heart).
  4. Have each student reflect and share actions they can take to demonstrate kindness to their partner.

This simple exercise can be done with students and/or adults. It provides a meaningful experience to help students recognize how even the smallest of actions can leave a strong impact on others. To wrap up the exercise, just for fun, have students make a commitment to being kind by taking a pledge To Be Fearless and Kind! Many more activities like this can be found at

This Valentine's, let's make a conscious decision to ensure kindness to our neighbors, our friends, our teachers and students is front and center. Let's show kindness by listening and demonstrating how much we care through what may seem like the smallest of actions. This Valentine's Day, let's remember that we need to give out more than just roses!