After their chance to share their story of change on a global scale in Taiwan, two New York City students continued their "world tour" as they brought their purpose, their passion, and their power to the I Can Children's Global Summit in Rome. Below are their reflections from their time connecting with students from across the United States and around the world.

“I couldn’t believe my group got picked for Rome. WOW !! A second time to share our story with the world. I arrived super excited for the conference and couldn’t wait to see the ancient sites that I read about in history class. The summit made me realize that more children today are trying to make a better world. I was shocked when I heard the stories of inventions from kids my age. I met lots of children from other countries but my connection with India and Chile would be remembered. I left Rome feeling overwhelmed, so much information to share with my teammates, relatives, friends, classmates and teachers. I left with a sense of purpose thinking I can teach other children to show empathy. I now have super powers to do so much more.”
- Daniel Umrou, Suds4Society
“My experience in Rome and the conference was amazing. I think it was the most fun I’ve ever had seeing new sites, meeting new people from different countries and most of all meeting the Pope. This was all a great experience and I wish we could do it again next year in Brazil.”
- Justin Victor, Suds4Society