A Glimpse into Students Experience through Farewell Reflections

Kelvin Dominguez, junior at Pritzker College Prep, is from the Belmont Cragin neighborhood  on the west side of Chicago. Dominguez’s family roots come from Guerrero, Mexico and Kelvin plans to be the first college graduate of his family. He Hopes to attend Loyola University where he wants to take on a Forensic Science degree. Kelvin's biggest desire for the world is for humans to mature and unite as a whole to fight earth conflicts better together; humans must all be on the same page so they can be able to find comfort or support within each other.

Kelvin’s comments at the farewell party remind us all why we do this!

Kelvin said,

“Coming to Rome, Italy itself was a great accomplishment in life. I never imagined walking the streets of Rome and especially with the cause being helping the world progress in a positive way. Rome was a great location for a summit like this, for its full of history and inspirations. Hearing from other countries stories and actions was really eye opening, for it made me realize how much advantages and disadvantages we have. It helped me look at things in the bigger picture. Other countries stories gave me chills and watery eyes at times and at the same time they inspired me to help tackle the world as a whole and not just our country. But I can say that I’ll leave Rome happy to know that I am not alone in trying to help the world and that our future generation is in great hands. For example during the presentations there was not only people helping the world, but also people inventing new stuff like stair wheel chairs or pollution elimination. I feel that experience was great and next year the group of kids will be the double the size of this year. We Can and We Will, Si Se Puede.”

Kelvin, alongside his high school peers, dug into the Design for Change process with a desire to overcome a sense of fear among students in their neighborhood due to gun violence. After their successful leadership summit last year, they want to annually gather student leaders together from 5 high schools to connect to build community and trust but also to collectively continue a conversation that foster solutions that reduce gun violence in their home community.