Design for Change is not just a collection of classroom resources. It is not just a global educational organization. Design for Change is a global movement of youth change-making across the world. It is a community of passionate educators amplifying student voice and inspiring student action.

At Design for Change we know that one of the best resources for classroom teachers is the ability to connect with other educators. In our commitment to best support teachers and prioritize connection and collaboration, we have created a private Facebook group just for educators who are engaged with and facilitating Design for Change. Moderated by lifelong educators Tara Schletz and Tracey Joyce, this group will be a space to share your wins, ask questions, find and collaborate around teacher-created resources. It will enable you to form your own connections with educators from around the country engaged in a common mission.

Some features you might find in our Facebook group include:
● Discussion questions and posts
● Connections with other educators
● Media
● Links to resources
● Important updates about Design for Change

As we embark on unprecedented times and social distancing, we know how important staying connected will be.

If you’re looking to stay connected with our change-making community online, come check out the DFC USA Educators’ Facebook page. We’d love to meet you!