We’re proud to announce some exciting new updates to Design for Change USA!

In true design thinking fashion, we’ve been talking to educators, analyzing our data and brainstorming new ways to make Design for Change easier to use for both you and your students.

In August 2019, we introduced a new concept for Design for Change called Design Sprints. Design Sprints take the most time consuming parts of the DFC process and redesigned them to require less of an effort while still maintaining the impact at the student level. We’ve produced a series of Social Cause Podcasts that introduce students to a social issue and also structured our activities so they can be done both in a variety of contexts. This reduces the time required to do a DFC project to just 5 hours.

We’re now excited to announce an even simpler way to get started with Design for Change, Empathy Warmups.

Empathy Warmups connect students to a social cause starting with a Social Cause Podcast engaging students in a 1 hour series of reflection activities, building understanding and empathy. All social causes are connected to the UN Global Goals, providing an opportunity for students to think globally and act locally.

The new paths to engage with Design for Change

If you’re ready to take a deeper dive, jump directly into a Design Sprints where students brainstorm solutions, develop action plans and share them with their peers for critique and reflection.

Finally, if your students are ready to take their work into the community, introduce them to Community Action projects. In Community Actions, students fully implement the action plan they came up with through the Design Sprint process, directly engaging their community and creating meaningful impact.

Empathy Warmups, Designs Sprints and Community Actions all begin with a Social Cause Podcast. We’ve been working hard to produce a series of podcasts that feature authentic voices of members of the community. All podcasts are age specific and only 10 minutes long. There are over a dozen of them today, with many more in production.

The Social Cause Podcasts

There are so many ways to engage your students in change making using Design for Change USA and the resources we have to offer.

As always, we'd love to hear from you if you have any questions or concerns about these exciting new changes.

What are you waiting for? There is no better day to start creating change than today!

Please note: if you've already started a Design Sprint or want to continue a Community Project, you can still do that with the same online portal account.